“As a late-starting adult student, I have found Ariana to be encouraging, kind, and low stress! She is enthusiastic and fun to work with. When I have a technical problem, she always has a way to help, and even multiple ways! I am always amazed how she can zero in on what the problem is! When I come to Ariana with a concern, or something I would like to work on, she is happy to include that in lessons as well. Ariana’s love of music is obvious, and she loves all kinds of music – ask her about Beatles! I have enjoyed working with Ariana and would recommend her highly.” -Jan

“There isn’t enough space for me to tell you about what a great cello teacher and person Ariana Dewar is, but to summarize: (i) she creates an inviting and fun atmosphere for learning, (ii) she is a good judge of potential, whether a child is “getting it” and when they need to work a little harder, (iii) she is super accomplished as a cellist, clearly loves it after all these years, and has a lot of enthusiasm about making and teaching music, (iv) she offers practice tips and will focus on areas for improvement (rhythm, bowing, etc.) in addition to learning songs. She’s also a generally great person–one you should want your child to have as an influence and role model.” -Anna

“Ms. Ariana is a wonderful teacher and person! Her positive nature, providing both compliments and gentle but direct corrections has greatly enhanced my child’s playing ability and appreciation for cello. Ms. Ariana’s style intrinsically motivates students to practice, work harder and ultimately perform better. I highly recommend Ariana for lessons of students of all ages!” -Elisa

Location Fuquay-Varina, NC Hours Accepting New Students
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